Two bikes, two adults, one toddler, one motorhome, 4,500 miles of cycling in 60 days, including 190,000 feet of climbing – not quite your average family holiday, but an exciting adventure around the coastline of Britain.

We plan to do the ride, in relay, during June and September 2013. So one of us rides whilst the other is looking after our 22 month old son, Fabian; who despite boundless energy is not quite up to that distance on his balance bike…. yet!

How will it work? Each morning one of us will have a comparatively restful 40+ mile bike ride, whilst the other has a full-on seaside adventure with Fabian. We will meet up for lunch and to “hand over the baton” for role reversal in the afternoon. Those of you who know Fabian will be in no doubt as to the easier option.

Since it’s not feasible for Richard to be away from work for a two month block, we have split the ride into two separate months. This also means we can avoid the peak school holiday periods. Wanting to keep the start and finish points as close to home as possible, we have gone for a southern section in June and a northern section in September.

Southern section – Bridlington to Birkenhead

We plan to set of from Bridlington on 29 May and have until the 26 June to make it round to Birkenhead, 29 days of cycling. This will see our terrain change from the flatness of East Anglia, through to the punishing ups and downs of Devon and Cornwall. It will also take in the entire coast of Wales.

In parts we will each be revisiting childhood holiday spots, but will also be visiting many places that we have never been to before.

Northern section – Birkenhead to Bridlington

We plan to restart on 3 September and have the remaining to 31 days in order to make it back round to Bridlington on 3 October. Hopefully the midges will have retreated and we will enjoy an Indian summer amongst the scenery of northern England and Scotland. Mmm perhaps some waterproofs will be a good idea, just in case!

We will revisit many of our holiday spots from when Richard’s son, Charlie, was little. Including the start and finish of a couple of Coast to Coasts that Richard, Charlie and Charlie’s friend Mikey did.


We have chosen to support two charities, Saint Michael’s Hospice in Harrogate and the NSPCC. We will share the funds raised equally between both charities (for donations via Just Giving, sponsors can choose to support either one or both charities).




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